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Friends grants to the Hospital

Monies granted each year and the projects covered - all or in part

Ways we help

2021: £17,117

Improvements to the paving under the Beaufort Tower.

A new Flag of St George for the Chapel


2020: £25,000

To fund repairs and renovation of the Hundred Men’s Hall.


This included repainting of the interior walls, installing new electric circuits and new heaters, installing wall panelling and repainting the wooden doors.


2019: £17,872

Further contribution towards the disabled access entrance to the church through the Ambulatory
A new curtain covering the entrance door at the west end of the church.
A Water Softener Unit for the Hundred Men’s Hall


2018: £17,000

Contribution towards the  disabled access entrance to the church through the Ambulatory
New wall lamps for the Outer Quadrangle

2017: £17,000

Church Pew alterations:

The pews with Tudor ends in the North Transept to be altered to fit into the Memorial Chapel.


A new, bespoke, iron gate to be installed between the Master’s Garden and the Bowling Green. Cleaning, repairing and redecorating the railings between the Bowling Green and the Brothers’ graveyard.

2016: £15,000


Additional contribution towards the construction of a new Visitor Toilet Block:

In the view of the importance of this project our total grant has been allocated towards the completion.



2015: £15,000



Contribution towards the construction of a new Visitor Toilet Block:

Modifications to existing buildings will provide modern visitor toilets and some additional office and storage space on the first floor. Work is expected to take place in 2016.


Provision of running water and power the Brothers Bowling Green:


An increasing number of Weddings and other outside events, including some for the Friends, take place in the Masters Garden or the adjacent Bowling Green. There will now be permanent and safe access to water and electricity services.

Repair of Main Hospital Gates:





The outer Hospital Gates are very old and used daily. They need to be preserved for the future.



Installation of a new Kissing Gate of the entrance to the Water Meadows:

A fully accessible wooden kissing gate will allow wheelchairs and prams/pushchairs access to the Meadows and on into the City along the River path.




Main Hospital gates 2016



2014: £12,500



50 long life stacking, oak-veneer Chairs:

These were part of a large number of new chairs purchased for use in the Church and other Hospital locations.


Lady Chapel Triptych Security Alarm:


The beautiful and quite rare Triptych, painted by Jan Gossaert (c1478- c1572), is now much more secure with a state-of-the-art alarm system. 



Hospital Notice Board on the Brothers Bowling Green:


Walkers using the Water Meadows can now learn about the Hospital buildings as they pass by and note the many events that take place within.


Refurbishment of Kneelers and new Cushions for the Red Brothers Stalls




Lady Chapel Triptych, 2014



2013 - £13,500



Refurbishment of a second Brother’s Shed


Restoration of Painted Ceiling in Church:


The Friends Grant helped pay for the cleaning and the touching in with matching colours of the paint of the magnificent 19th Century wooden ceiling.




Ceiling before restoration


Ceiling after restoration

2012: £9,000  

Brethren’s Hall Staircase Refurbishment:

The staircase was used by Bishop Fox to reach the Master’s Lodgings, then in the Beaufort Tower. The Tudor handrail woodwork was in poor condition through wear and tear and insect damage. Our Grant funded extensive repairs and additional safety features, so that access to the Tower Room is now possible.    



Brethren's Hall Staircase, 2012

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